Sketch Golf is a sketch drawing challenge game. The object of the game is to draw a specified object in as few strokes as possible. Scoring for that sketch(hole) ends when the embedded machine vision algorithm recognizes the sketch as the specified object. Each sketch(hole) is assigned a par number of strokes just like golf.

Sketch Golf contains a individual play mode and a party mode. The party mode works with a companion app, Sketch Golf Party, that runs on a large screen or TV connected device. The party mode allows up to eight players to compete in a shared round with all action tracked on the party screen device.

Sketch Golf is available free of charge for your mobile device.
Sketch Golf Party (companion to Sketch Golf) is available for your TV connected device to enjoy with a group of friends and family.
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We are not afflitiated with Google™ but we feel we should give a special thank you to them for providing lots of permissive license software, assets, and tools that made Sketch Golf possible including the modeling framework(Tensorflow), the machine vision models, and the training dataset. Please visit our acknowledgements page to find more details and to recognize other valuable contributors.